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PART THREE (1:00PM to 12:00AM)

PART ONE (12:00AM to 7:00AM)
PART TWO (7:00AM to 1:00PM)

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After 12 hours, someone finally eats here. I'm not surprised though that SoulPatch is the first to take a bite. BTW, you can barely see the famed Guy Behind Tony behind Tony

Eating in 24 is such a rare occurrence, it should be documented at every opportunity. However, it is not yet established that Jack or any other CTU agent ever took a potty break. A rumor has it that CTU agents are inserted with the top-secret device that converts you-know-what into bioeletric current, allowing them to recharge their cellphones, which makes a sense if you think about it.

Palmer visits CTU to challenge Jack to one-on-one death match, but they soon bond after sharing about difficulties of raising idiot kids.

Spawn learns that she may soon face a rival as the smartest Bauer kid.

Even in such a hellish day, Jack finds some happy thought. I wonder what.

Having heroically rescued Bride of Kiefer from FauxYork, Jack feels that he earned some time of his own with Nina.

After they learn that Bride of Kiefer is sleeping at (un)safehouse...

...they check into a hotel in Century City,

and together watch a x-rated video...

called 'Sex, Lies, and Videotapes in Kosovo'

Could it be that PoorMan'sAngelinaJolie is Jack's long-lost child switched at birth? Check out the tatoo on her left arm, neary identical to Jack's!!!

Bride of Kiefer's would-be boyfriend sees a chance. Even with who-am-I BOK, a fat chance.

Mason: Have you noticed, wherever you go there's a body count?

Mason goes AWOL from the blast area...Oops, wrong season. No doubt he's humming 'Foxy Lady' in his head.

Mason: I gotta tell you Jack, it never gets dull with you.

This time, though, it's getting dull, so Mason amuses himself making shadow animals at Jack's expense.

Apparently, playing with shadow animals is popular pastime at CTU.

Conscious or not, Jack manages to go wherever he wants, always in time.

Janitors and maintenance workers get to play badass commandos, what a story to tell their kids and grandkids if only they were to live through.

Very scary Drazen. Just don't open your mouth.

Kiefer's buddies reunion party

La Bamba with a badass gun is double cool.

I don't know why, it's just too funny.

Jack: Victor, it's you who blew up your family.

Uh, maybe that was not a good idea. Victor instructs Andre to make sure Jack does not die so that he can die 5 minutes later.

Considering that Victor the Ethnic Cleanser spent 2 years thinking about Jack, he's being mighty merciful with a quick dispatch. Grateful, Jack returns the favor later.

I want to be a RN! BTW, Victor the Merciful lets Jack catch some sleep so Jack can kick his ass with full vigor.

Uh oh, Victor is a Dead Man Walking.

Mason daydreams about buying a four-bedroom house with a pool in Langley, VA.

Mason the Badass! In his dream.

Lady McPalmer: Well, David, you may not love me, but you will never leave me. Because come January, David, when you're being sworn in, make no mistake about it. This woman here will be standing right next to you!

Lady McPalmer: You feel uncomfortable, but not because you're ready to be with my husband. You feel uncomfortable because you're doing it with my knowledge and consent. Pattewinsky thinks Lady McPalmer is scary. So do I.

Lady McPalmer: David, you can't walk away from me! You can't do this without me!" Bye bye!

Bride of Kiefer tells Jack that she's expecting Spawn 2.0, which complicates Jack's predicament. Sleep deprived for 40 hours now, he decides it's still better to trade himself in for Spawn 1.2 (who only had 2 upgrades) to the bitter disappointment of many 24 fans for the umpteenth time).

Andre tells Spawn that her dad is evil. Good luck trying to reason with her. Frustrated, Andre ends up making a counterargument for her.

Who else feels a little guilty about all that Spawn baiting? Well, nah...

Badmutha Jack goes Bruce Lee and Wyatt Earp on Victor's ass.

Victor hopes that Jack might forget about a few troubles he's caused.

But Jack has no patience for Miranda rights.

Jack and women in his life. They all bust his balls (to quote the great Tony Soprano).

You are on Candid Camera!

I have seen the face of evil!

The gunfight at CTU corral. SUV wins the day. (Still, I maintain that SUV is evil)

What about Santa Barbara?!

Jack, I'll offer you one consolation: Save Sen. Palmer. Double Check. Say Hasta la vista, baby! to the bad guys. Check.. Save Spawn. Check. That's 4 out of 5, which would be solid B minus if you were in college, and I say that's damn good! So take heart, and get yourself a less whiny wife with better haircut...uh, like me.

PART ONE (12:00AM to 7:00AM)
PART TWO (7:00AM to 1:00PM)

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