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PART ONE (12:00AM to 7:AM)

PART TWO (7:00AM to 1:00PM)
PART THREE (1:00PM to 12:00AM)

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Thus Jack Bauer Power Hour begins.

Agent in Kuala Lumpur: There will be a hit on Senator David Palmer today...though, I am not sure what this place has to do with it.

There is bliss yet in Bauer house: A first example of glaring continuity error. Spawn playing chess?!?!?!

Counter Terrorist Unit at Los Angeles, established by Department of Homeland Security so that Jack can play badass CIA tricks on FBI's turf. Hidden by an amazing feat of camouflage, it also houses an underground parking structure as well as a multistory building.

I am federal agent Jack Bauer.

My teenage daughter snuck out.

My wife is joyriding with FauxYork.

And people that I work with may be behind both.

Could Richard Walsh be a mole? We will never know.

SoulPatch ponders which has better chance - him being Nina's alpha male or the Cubs winning the World Series. Could a mole be hiding behind his soul patch?

Or Nina? No way, remember the weekend in Santa Barbara!

Jack: Who are you working for? (No, Jack! You are supposed to be English major, though I'll grant that UCLA is a mitigating factor, still you went on to Berkeley. So there is no excuse.)

Nina is a little miffed by Jack's gratuitous grammatical error.

I regret to inform you that this is as close as it gets to Kiefer's full frontal nudity in 24. Nice tattoo, though.

Meanwhile, meet Mandy the Equal Opportunity lover...

and the terrorist.

Premature sunrise or 747 blowing up? You decide.

Mandy gets a summer job, too bad we can't see that.

Jack grieves over Walsh's death and a thumb.

Mason is wondering what Jack and SoulPatch got that he doesn't have. Guts, maybe? And some hair, too.

Investigating a lead, Jack is helped by Foxy Lady...

and made a conspicuous target, courtesy of LAPD.

Jack learns that Spawn snuck out with a terrorist, of all people!

"Man, I need a shave."

I know, I was there. Where were you when your partner really needed you? Ouch!

Gaines: I'll tell you,'re either dead or you're not dead. There's no such thing as "sort of dead." Here, let me show you. Gaines, another English major, gives Dan a life-altering syntax lesson.

Bride of Kiefer shares some quality time with FauxYork.

Whoa! FauxYork is not real York! Who could have guessed it?

Gaines: Jack, leave your wife with FauxYork so that she can be kidnapped, too.

Bauer: If you hurt my daughter, I will kill you.
Gaines: Good. That's a nice, clear signal.

His name is Alan York. Uh-oh.

Alan York joke never gets old.

Jack: Well, as I said, sorry.

Nina is DEAD!!! Or so Jack wishes.

FauxYork vs. Bauer #1 - KO victory by Bride of Kiefer

Milo & Stitch, I mean Jamie, vie for the title of computer nerd.

PART TWO (7:00AM to 1:00PM)
PART THREE (1:00PM to 12:00AM)

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