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Websites on 24

FOX's Official 24 Website - include detailed episode guides, character profiles, background information

BBC TV's 24 Website - naturally runs with UK schedule

Television Without Pity 24 Page - humorous recaps of every episode since premiere

Entertainment Weekly 24 Page - 24-related cover story, feature articles, reviews, and many more

TV Guide 24 Page - includes related TV Guide articles and episode guides - links to 24-related news, articles, and reviews

flakmagazine 24 Reviews - commentary on every episode of Season One and first episode of Season Two

TNMC TV 24 Page - reviews on many of episodes of both Season One and Two Ain't It Cool? 24 Page - spoilers usually posted in the morning before episode is aired

TV Tome 24 Page - general information and recaps

Corona's Test Pattern TV Reviews - includes 24 among other TV shows

The Trades 24 Page

TV Central 24 Page

TV 24 Page

Scoop Me! 24 Page

Baltimore Sun 24 Page

Jump The Shark 24 Page

Yahoo! TV 24 Page

Phase Five 24 Page: 1st Episode, 1:00AM to 11:00AM (Epi #2-11), 11:00AM to 7:00PM (Epi #12-19), 7:00PM to Midnight(Epi #20-24) - episode recaps

Fan Sites on 24

Is It On Yet


Race The Clock

AgentDKBauer's 24

Forums and Message Boards

FOX's Official 24 Forum

Television Without Pity 24 Forum

WorldCrossing TT TV 24 Forum

The Atlantic Online TV Forum

Articles and Reviews on 24

Season One

Digitally Obsessed - 24 Season One DVD review

CineSchlock-O-Rama - 24 Season One DVD review

The New Island Ear - Season One DVD review

Contra Costa Times column - Move over Jack Bauer, this TV critic is no novice - A day in the life, an interview with Joel Surnow"> - Wondering About Nina

Independent Weekly - Season One review

Pop Matters - review

The Observer column - So I got a little overheated on the train - blame Kiefer for it

The Observer review - Cometh the hour...

The Guardian article - Kiefer madness

The Guardian article - The long day closes

The Guardian review - Club 24
You can find more 24-related The Guardian & Observer articles by searching at

Bomb The Past - 24 - Los Angeles - City of Insomanics

Season Two

Pittsburgh Post Gazette - Countdown to '24'

The Capital Times - '24' mirrors our fears, is TV at finest

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